I design & develop great Android apps

Hi, my name is Matt Bishop. I’m a developer & designer from Salt Lake City, Utah.

Right now I spend the majority of my time designing and building Android applications. I also enjoy writing front-end Javascript & HTML5, or solving coding challenges with my favorite language, Clojure. If you need freelance design or development work, or if you are looking to hire a smart, hard-working developer, get in touch.

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I love the Android platform. Not only is it the biggest, fastest-growing smartphone platform in the world, but it's also one of the most open. There are lots of interesting things to build and problems to solve in the mobile space. I get to work with many different types of technologies: from 3D games, to location based services, to web APIs and camera filters. I have a lot of experience with Android, and know the ins-and-outs of developing for different screen sizes, different languages, and older devices.


I also enjoy the challenge of designing a good mobile app. Figuring out how to use space efficiently, knowing when and where to display information, or making someone's life easier with an attractive & usable interface are exciting problems to solve. I'll give your app it's own branding and unique look & feel while still following the Android design guidelines.

Experience with:

  • Mapping & location-based services
  • API & social media integration
  • Graphing data
  • SQLite database
  • Backward compatibility
  • Android user interface guidelines
  • Custom UI widgets
  • Holo applications
  • Integrating native & web-based UI
  • Porting from iOS while giving users the Android look and experience they expect
  • Canvas 2D graphics
  • Some experience with Unity3d and libGDX game development

Front-end development

I primarily do front-end web development with HTML5, CSS, and Javascript. I also have some experience with backend development in Clojure using the Noir web framework. Since mobile devices are an ever-increasing percentage of web traffic, I make my designs responsive using CSS media queries. Try resizing your browser window right now!

Experience with:

  • Postgres / SQLite databases
  • Clojure
    • Noir web framework
  • Clojurescript
    • front end-development with jayq, crate, fetch, & waltz
  • Javascript
    • JQuery and front-end development
  • HTML 5
  • Responsive design

Check out my work

Hacker News for Android

Designer & developer

This is an open-source Android client I built for a website I frequent called Hacker News. There are several existing clients, but they didn't have the capabilities or sense of design I was looking for. Here's a few things I learned about or worked with:

  • Building custom UI components & making them performant.
  • Working with the Canvas drawing API
  • Building a scraper that downloads & parses data from the website, since it has no official API.
  • Building an Object-relational mapper to simplify caching data in a SQLite database

The source is available on Github, please check it out if you're interested in contributing the project. Additionally, it's probably a good place to get an idea of the kind of code I write.

Strength for Android

Designer & developer

Strength is an app I developed to track my progress while strength training. Part of the challenge in building this app was to create something easy to use in a gym environment: it should be easy to read, and require minimal interaction from the user. It automatically calculates how much weight you should be lifting, and how long you should rest in between sets.

Habitual for Android

Designer & developer (under development)

Habitual is a habit-tracking app I designed and am in the early stages of developing. I have really fallen in love with "Holo" style design introduced in Android 4.0, but I wanted a chance to develop it further. This is my take on a heavily customized app with it's own style and branding, while still remaining familiar and accessable to users.

Alerte Budget for Android

Designer & developer

I built this app (in partnership with Zentity) for a Swiss magazine called Bon à Savoir. It's a personal finance tracker, budgeter, and currency converter. I had a chance to work with the Android APIs for localization, since the app is available in both French & German.

PharmaciePlus for Android

Designer & developer

I developed this app (in partnership with Zentity) for a group of Swiss pharmacies. It's a pharmacy finder, coupon book, and customer loyalty card. I had the chance to work (once again) with the localization APIs, with the Google Maps API, barcode scanning, and connecting with the pharmacies own web API.

  • Hacker News
  • Strength
  • Habitual
  • Alerte Budget
  • Pharmacies Plus


I’m currently available for freelance work. Shoot me an email if you could use my help.

I design & code applications for Android & the web. I live in Salt Lake City, Utah.

I’m passionate about designing things that are simple & good-looking. I love the challenge of solving a hard UI/UX problem.

The code I write is modular, reusable, and well thought-out. I have extensive experience with the Android platform, and lots of enthusiasm for front & back end web development using Clojure, Clojurescript, Python, and Javascript.